Jedidiah Hewlett had his hands full this week with repairs on tractors and other equipment at the Perry Cattle Company. This (almost) certified mechanic enjoyed the 4th of July with some fun and fireworks at least. 

This week was pretty slow, but we managed to find plenty to keep us busy. We have continued to irrigate with the side rolls and the pivot. One of the pipes broke on the side rolls when I was moving it and I had to take it to town to get it fixed. Putting the pipe back on was a simple matter but lining up the rest of the sprinkler was another matter altogether. It made for a very long, hot, and frustrating morning. Finally, we got it running after two days of being off. After the first cutting, Mr. Perry put in some ditches 0630170739fto flood irrigate the corners where the pivot doesn’t reach. The flood irrigating has been going slow because it has been so hot and the ground is soaking up a lot of water. We had to fix the ditcher this week because the lift cylinder broke the weld holding it to the frame. We hauled a tractor down on the flatbed to use with the ditcher in the lease. The hitch must not have been fully engaged because after we unloaded the tractor, I went to move the pickup and promptly halted because the gooseneck tore the tailgate out! It was a wreck, but we think we can maybe bend the tailgate back and re-install it.

On the 4th of July, we went to the fireworks show at the Polo courts by Bighorn, Wyoming. The show lasted about an hour and was very spectacular. In the later part of the week, I spent the day cleaning up one of the pastures, stacking up panels, and cutting Week 7 Pic 2up a tree that had tipped over on the fence. We still have a lot to do to get the ranch organized, but it comes a little at a time. The heat of the days almost makes you want to stay inside, but we are toughing it out!

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