Intern Noah Schick Monitors Pastures & Caterpillars

This week on the Ranch I did a variety of things. The first part of the week I was mostly doing weed control. I sprayed white top in Barrett’s Slope pasture, and cut down musk thistle in various places around the ranch.

Later on in the week John Coffman and I did utilization monitoring of the Ed Young pasture. We recorded the percentage of grass that cows grazed this season in several different pastures. The percent utilization in the Ed Young pasture ranged from 0-40% in different areas.

John and I then began cheatgrass monitoring. This involved going to different GPS points and taking photos of the ground every five meters which we will look at later to see what percentage of the ground is covered in cheatgrass.

While we were doing this we found a pretty awesome looking caterpillar on John’s Camera bag. We think it’s some kind of moth caterpillar.

The last thing we did this week was to begin transplanting willows onto stream banks. We take cuttings of willows, let them soak in the stream for a couple days, then we plant them on the banks to help reduce erosion and keep the cows from going straight down to the stream on the cut banks.

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