Tyler’s Entertaining Week at the Ladder Ranch

Tyler Flatt’s Fourth of July week was full of friends and fun. He had a little trouble moving some cattle, but all in all it sounded like a wonderful week. 

This week has been a pretty laid-back week. We had the 3rd and 4th off for the Fourth of July. Monday we went to Laramie to visit a friend’s ranch and we hung out, had dinner and just relaxed. The next morning, we got to sleep in and then we headed back to the ranch. Once we got there we set up a small grill next to the river and just ate and sat around all day. Then we went to the fireworks show in Dixon which was great!Week 7 Pic 2

Wednesday, it was back to work, we moved a big herd into the forest and had a pretty bad wreck. The cows were supposed to go around on the road and they dove off into the willows below. So, we got as many as we could, which was about half, and found another way to get them up. Thursday, we went back to that spot and clean up as much as we could but we saw that one of the bulls tore down a fence to get to the heifers. So, they are all mixed up now and sometime next week we are going to have to separate the heifers and push them back.

Friday, we just moved some cows back across a road in the forest to the pasture they were supposed to be in, then we went to a different heifer pasture and made sure that the heifers were all pushed up with the bulls, which they were. Saturday was spent cleaning up around the ranch then going to the rodeo at Dixon which was a blast. Then after the rodeo we went to the dance in Baggs which was even more fun and we all had a blast. Now the fun week is over and its back to work in the morning. I don’t know what’s on the schedule yet but I’m sure its full.

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