We are back to you with Josiah’s newest update and boy, are we excited!

This past week began with Josiah making a five hour trip to Cheyenne for the Environmental Stewardship Tour at the King Ranch on July 14th. That is right; we got to meet Josiah for the first time in person and we enjoyed hearing more about the work he has been doing while on the ranch. It was so wonderful to see you there and I am glad you learned about many ways ranches can operate across the state.


Later in the week back at the Red Canyon Ranch, Josiah explained that he finished the buck and pole fence he began last week. Irrigation maintenance has also become a daily chore due to the beaver dams that block the irrigation head gates. The beaver dams hold back water that is needed for irrigation and watering access for wildlife and livestock downstream. The weather cooperated for the Red Canyon Ranch and haying has been accomplished for this season!

Now on another note, I did hear some pretty exciting news in Josiah’s Journal and it has to do with a birthday! Josiah turned 20 this last week and what a better way to spend his birthday than eating prime rib, fishing and being with his family. We also want to wish you a Happy Birthday from the WSGA Office.

Stick around to hear more about Josiah’s learning experience on the ranch and find out if the beavers leave the irrigation ditches alone in next week’s update.

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