Josiah’s Weekly Update

Josiah is nearly half way through with his rangeland internship and this week he has been quite productive. He built more fences but this time up in the mountains for the next cattle rotation. He also learned how to build a buck and pole fence. Josiah stated that he, “…learned how to make the bucks and what to look for in poles, so he could build the entire fence from start to finish.” Learning new things is something we hope that Josiah does on a regular basis and from the sounds of it he is learning a lot while on the ranch.


Along with building fence this last week, Josiah has been enjoying the wild-life. He found seven rattle snakes, beavers and plenty of deer. Lately there has been a moose hanging around the pasture where Josiah was building fence, which he thought was pretty cool. Josiah has also been fishing the creeks and streams on his spare time, where he has caught some pretty nice brown trout.

Eat some fish for us over here at the WSGA Office and talk to you next week!

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