Snakes and Flies and Weeds, oh my!

Josiah has had a busy week meeting deadlines and working on the ranch’s to-do list on the Red Canyon Ranch. Leafy spurge has spread rapidly and Josiah has had the very important job of spraying the fields. Josiah states in his journal that, “it has grown in with a vengeance, but the tedious job is pretty important”. Despite the importance of spraying weeds Josiah also had to get a fencing job completed as well as working on the ranch’s irrigation system. Josiah worked hard this week even with the abundance of flies swarming around.

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Now, it is not all work on the ranch, Josiah explained that he has had some more time to explore the ranch. “I’ll hike into some obscure canyon and find a crystal clear creek with great fishing holes,” Josiah mentioned when he was describing what amazing sights he has stumbled upon at the ranch. He even mentioned that he has stumbled upon a few rattle snakes, yikes! The fourth of July was also a wonderful time for Josiah to kick back; he went to the town parade, shot off fireworks and attended a crab boil.

Watch out for those snakes Josiah! We cannot wait to hear about this next week!

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