Update From Jackalyn

Here is the latest update from Jackalyn:

06301419300702141924 This past week I learned about Artificial Insemination or AI-ing. I watched the process and my boss keeps the bulls sperm in liquid nitrogen container where it can stay frozen. When the cows are ready to go, the specified sperm gets put into 98 degree water to melt for 30 seconds. The longer the sperm is exposed to the air the quicker it dies, so it is put in a plastic protector on a syringe and then into a napkin. Once the cows are in heat, or have received a shot to put them into heat, they get the sperm in equal amounts to their uterus. In addition to this I helped look for “hot” cows who usually have a partner and are able to be moved into the corral. This process was done in the morning and at night so they had roughly 8 hours to relax before AI-ing could occur. If the cows run around right before or after, it decreases the success rate of pregnancy. I also checked water gates and did some work around the house.

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