What’s New With Jackalyn?

Here is an update from Jackalyn on the past 2 weeks of her rangeland internship


This past week I continued to participate in AI-ing the cows. This happens early in the morning until about 10am and from the evening from 4pm-9pm in order to let the hot cows calm down before insemination. We had about 40 cows left by Friday who are going to be put into a pasture with some bulls. During down time, I fixed fence and was able to see the Ladder Ranch on Thursday to celebrate 2014 Environmental Stewardship Tour in Savery, Wyoming. I was happy to be invited for this event and met people from UW, WSGA, NRCS, and the O’ Tool family of the Ranch. Everyone was welcoming and I met a few of the other girls who are interning like myself. Each person had good things to say about their experiences over this summer so far and the Ranch was beautiful. I was glad to hear all the good things this family is doing and celebrate with them.


0630141926a (2)


This past week I pulled out our boards in front of our water gates x3. This was a lot of work but I was able to manage it. It was kind of rainy earlier in the week, so we did some maintenance on our tractors, ranger, and vehicles. My boss, Ralph and I both had a flat tire on our vehicle to fix along with the tractor. On Wednesday, we finished our last branding of the season and only had about 35 calves. I was able to brand some of these! It was a new experience for me and a lot harder than it looks. It definitely takes some practice… Later I fixed some fences and I pushed about 70 pair from an area across a stream, around a hill, through some snow fences, and along a fence line into another pasture. I also was able to go to a family BBQ and meet some more of my boss’s family and make s’mores around the fire place.

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