Before we jump into the new update, Josiah sent a fun summary about what he learned on the Environmental Stewardship Tour that we would like to share with you. After attending the full day tour on July 14th, Josiah was inspired by the experience and he had learned a lot about partnerships which was a reoccurring theme during the tour. He began by mentioning that he enjoyed the diversity that the King Ranch had to offer. He was impressed by the partnerships the King Ranch maintains with the Forest Service, the High Plains Research Station, a wind farm and the Healing Waters Project. Thank you again Josiah for attending the tour and we are glad you enjoyed it.

Now for Josiah’s weekly update which is full of many odd jobs and projects. To begin the week, Josiah helped around the house cleaning. He helped with the gardening by weeding and putting up a deer fence.

As the week went on, Josiah picked up around the barns and sheds, leading to seven trips of pipes, old boards and branches that were taken to the junk pile. The wind really picked up this last week at the Red Canyon Ranch resulting in Josiah cleaning up many branches that had fallen from the trees. Of course life on a ranch wouldn’t be the same without some irrigating and fencing, and of course Josiah did some of that work too.


Josiah also gave us an update on Daisy, the mama milk cow that was introduced in the first journal. Daisy got mastitis and was sent to a professional to get better. Mastitis is when a cow has inflammation of a teat, resulting in improper lactation. There is good news, Daisy is better and in Josiah’s own words, “she is back and kicking, literally”.

Thanks for the update Josiah! Hear from you next week.

Imagine a world where cattle were sold right from your smart phone. Wait a minute, there is no need to imagine. Currently, there is a way to sell and buy cattle from any smart phone, tablet and/or computer. A new technology has become the chatter of the agriculture community this summer and that technology is AgriClear. AgriClear is a membership based community that gives livestock producers and buyers, the opportunity to get the best deal in the cattle market.


Google Image

Reported on the AgriClear’s webpage, the new technology has many benefits and expands markets. Producers can market their cattle throughout the United States and Canada using the web. As buyers, AgriClear has options to specifically search and select cattle based on breed, weight, type, condition, location, feed programs and health certifications. Buyers can watch for their preferred suppliers through online updates.  The data that sellers place online allows for many opportunities that were never available in the sale barn. Sellers can set their own price and conditions using the AgriClear features. Photos, videos, health and other information about individual cattle can be provided. The seller gets to pick the best offer and negotiate a mutually satisfactory price. After the cattle are sold and both the producer and buyer are happy, shipping details will be specified through the online site.

AgriClear is supported by two companies called the TMX Group and NGX, both with valuable roles in the agriculture industry. TMX Group is a financial business that operates markets such as equities, fixed income and energy. NGX provides electronic trading and data services to the North American natural gas and electricity markets. The ultimate goal AgriClear would like users to understand is, “this online platform allows members of the AgriClear community to streamline the marketing process and expand opportunities to both buy and sell cattle across the U.S. and Canada—of all breeds, types, and attributes.”

Buying and selling cattle just became easier. Imagining a world where cattle producers bought and sold cattle on their phones is here! With AgriClear the solutions to expanded markets, lower transaction costs and payment assurance shouldn’t have to be imagined because it is a reality.

For more information follow the links below:

AgriClear –


TMX Group –

Written by: Kadi Davis, WSGA Intern

This past week began with Josiah making a five hour trip to Cheyenne for the Environmental Stewardship Tour at the King Ranch on July 14th. That is right; we got to meet Josiah for the first time in person and we enjoyed hearing more about the work he has been doing while on the ranch. It was so wonderful to see you there and I am glad you learned about many ways ranches can operate across the state.


Later in the week back at the Red Canyon Ranch, Josiah explained that he finished the buck and pole fence he began last week. Irrigation maintenance has also become a daily chore due to the beaver dams that block the irrigation head gates. The beaver dams hold back water that is needed for irrigation and watering access for wildlife and livestock downstream. The weather cooperated for the Red Canyon Ranch and haying has been accomplished for this season!

Now on another note, I did hear some pretty exciting news in Josiah’s Journal and it has to do with a birthday! Josiah turned 20 this last week and what a better way to spend his birthday than eating prime rib, fishing and being with his family. We also want to wish you a Happy Birthday from the WSGA Office.

Stick around to hear more about Josiah’s learning experience on the ranch and find out if the beavers leave the irrigation ditches alone in next week’s update.

Josiah is nearly half way through with his rangeland internship and this week he has been quite productive. He built more fences but this time up in the mountains for the next cattle rotation. He also learned how to build a buck and pole fence. Josiah stated that he, “…learned how to make the bucks and what to look for in poles, so he could build the entire fence from start to finish.” Learning new things is something we hope that Josiah does on a regular basis and from the sounds of it he is learning a lot while on the ranch.


Along with building fence this last week, Josiah has been enjoying the wild-life. He found seven rattle snakes, beavers and plenty of deer. Lately there has been a moose hanging around the pasture where Josiah was building fence, which he thought was pretty cool. Josiah has also been fishing the creeks and streams on his spare time, where he has caught some pretty nice brown trout.

Eat some fish for us over here at the WSGA Office and talk to you next week!

Josiah has had a busy week meeting deadlines and working on the ranch’s to-do list on the Red Canyon Ranch. Leafy spurge has spread rapidly and Josiah has had the very important job of spraying the fields. Josiah states in his journal that, “it has grown in with a vengeance, but the tedious job is pretty important”. Despite the importance of spraying weeds Josiah also had to get a fencing job completed as well as working on the ranch’s irrigation system. Josiah worked hard this week even with the abundance of flies swarming around.

Featured image

Now, it is not all work on the ranch, Josiah explained that he has had some more time to explore the ranch. “I’ll hike into some obscure canyon and find a crystal clear creek with great fishing holes,” Josiah mentioned when he was describing what amazing sights he has stumbled upon at the ranch. He even mentioned that he has stumbled upon a few rattle snakes, yikes! The fourth of July was also a wonderful time for Josiah to kick back; he went to the town parade, shot off fireworks and attended a crab boil.

Watch out for those snakes Josiah! We cannot wait to hear about this next week!

Week five quickly came around the corner for the WSGA Rangeland Intern, Josiah. At the beginning of the week he got the chance to shadow John, one the working hands on the ranch. They did a wide variety of jobs like monitoring areas along the Sweet Water River, doing some plant identification and fence planning.

At the end of the week Josiah also got the opportunity to enjoy an old fashioned cattle drive through beautiful mountains. The drive was all on horseback which gave Josiah lots of time to learn more about riding horses and with the other riders helpful tips Josiah became a more confident rider.

Featured image

As the week wrapped up Josiah had got real excited that his family is coming to visit. Josiah explains that it, “makes him happy to see family” and that he looked forward to their visit all week.

Have a good weekend with your family Josiah, we look forward to hearing from you again next week!

Waking up in week three with “a million dollar view” right outside Josiah’s window reminds him daily of the wonderful opportunity to be interning at the Red Canyon Ranch. Josiah was excited to report that he finished the very long fencing project this week and what a rewarding feeling to have accomplished such a big task. Working on the ranch has given Josiah a new prospective on agriculture and he realizes that working on a ranch takes a lot of dedication. Josiah also expresses his appreciation for the ranching lifestyle by stating, “Farmers and Ranchers are to be respected above anybody for the level of dedication they show every day”. Between the large and little projects, hard work and finished tasks are the most satisfying feeling at the end of the day for Josiah.

As week three wrapped up it is a good thing Josiah finished his fencing project because in week four he went to help mentor young adults at FFA camp. Even though FFA camp is not part of his summer internship, Josiah has been attending the camp for the last six years. FFA camp “promotes agriculture and instills a passion in young adults for agriculture” he explained. Have been a counselor for the last two years, Josiah has had the opportunity to help teach leadership workshops, public speaking workshops and activities that promote ways to become an outstanding individual. FFA camp can make a major impact on those who go and he claims that FFA camp “is simply life changing and is making huge impacts on the future of agriculture”.

Way to go Josiah! We are proud of your hard work and dedication to the agriculture industry!

Keep an eye Josiah’s weekly updates, to read about his next adventure this summer.


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