#RangelandWednesday: Looking Back

This is my final week at the Kane’s ranch and my final week for the Invasive Species Rangeland Internship. Reflecting on the first couple weeks of this internship, I did not expect to switch ranches, nor did I expect to deal with a lack of communication with the first ranch owner. I also expected toContinue reading “#RangelandWednesday: Looking Back”

#RangelandWednesday: Invasive Species Work

This week started off as usual, checking water tanks and gathering supplies for projects that needed to be done around the ranch. This week’s project was building sturdier H-braces, building “blockers” for cattle on water tanks, and finally concentrating on eradicating prairies dogs. Kyle, David, and I built steal braces and reinforced blockers on aContinue reading “#RangelandWednesday: Invasive Species Work”

Saving The Drift: More Than a Cattle Drive

By Madison Pollart, WSGA Communications Intern Many of us grew up watching with wide eyes the heroic folklore of western movies. Regardless of the plot, there was always something enamoring about John Wayne sauntering onscreen and calling the shots with his deep, calming voice. While the Duke was a crowd pleaser, it was his portrayalContinue reading “Saving The Drift: More Than a Cattle Drive”

#RangelandWednesday: Staying Busy

This week was busier than usual due to the fact we worked with yearlings, I moved the last of the flea beetles, and Terry and David were down in Denver for a conference. The start of the week was slow and uneventful. Kyle and I checked water tanks and made sure the pipeline sensor forContinue reading “#RangelandWednesday: Staying Busy”

#RangelandMonday: Prepared & Productive

This week was another productive week. Starting on Monday, I collected four coolers of flea beetles (10 plastic containers) and made more releases into draws and pastures to control spurge. This continued until Thursday. David had made several releases into draws a few years back and I am contributing to his work in other drawsContinue reading “#RangelandMonday: Prepared & Productive”

#RangelandWednesday: New Places, New Faces

My final week in Buffalo was different from what I had been doing this summer. I started on Tuesday this week, after having returned from being in the Rawahs (Rocky Mountain National Park) with my family for the holiday weekend. This was a good break. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday sweeping more of Larry’s property,Continue reading “#RangelandWednesday: New Places, New Faces”

#RangelandWednesday: Rain Delay

This was a usual week. On Monday and Tuesday, I resprayed fields and pastures that Larry and I sprayed at the beginning of my internship in Buffalo. Wednesday and Thursday brought stormy weather, which conflicted with our respraying schedule because it added three inches of water to Clear Creek. In order to respray the lastContinue reading “#RangelandWednesday: Rain Delay”

#RangelandWednesday: On the Lookout

The week started off as a regular week. I re-sprayed a couple fields in front of the pastures, so that Larry and I can start planning for the back pastures. This is how Monday and Tuesday went. On Wednesday, Larry and I went to the back four pastures and started to scope out what sprayingContinue reading “#RangelandWednesday: On the Lookout”

#RangelandWednesday: The Lay of the Land

This week was a slow week. On June 15, the weather was calm all day and the wind did not pick up at all, so I was able to finish up several fields and eventually start on the last riparian area. On June 16, the weather consisted of high winds and dark cloudy skies, whichContinue reading “#RangelandWednesday: The Lay of the Land”

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