Food Ethics

Happy National Ag Week! With less than 2% of the American population involved in production agriculture, the industry gets lost on a lost of folks minds. However, agriculture is incredibly vital! Without it, you’d be hungry and naked…not a pretty picture. I recently watched a great YouTube video by the Center for Food Integrity calledContinue reading “Food Ethics”

National FFA Week: A time for reflection

The nation has been celebrating National FFA Week this week and it has brought back a flood of memories of the people, places, experiences and blue corduroy that FFA exposed me to! Most of you are probably familiar with FFA, but just in case, here’s an explanation of the organization taken from “‘Future FarmersContinue reading “National FFA Week: A time for reflection”

Farmer Vacation to the Ag Connect Expo

My farmer husband and I took a drive to a little farm show in Kansas City last week. Okay, so the trip was actually 2,000 miles and the little farm show was the Ag Connect Expo which drew a crowd of 11,000. But, who’s keeping track? We heard about Ag Connect through a direct mailing,Continue reading “Farmer Vacation to the Ag Connect Expo”

Clean Beans Make A Happy Meal

Last year for Christmas gifts I gave away little bags of pinto beans that we raised on our farm. I included a packet of Chugwater Chili seasoning and sewed cloth bags to put them in. I felt very crafty and accomplished. This did not happen this year. I was way behind. But that’s another story.Continue reading “Clean Beans Make A Happy Meal”

The Art of Irrigating

Mosquitoes buzzing, sweat dripping from the brow under the rim of a cowboy hat, shovel over the shoulder and black rubber irrigating boots almost to the knees is the description of a rancher while irrigating. The rancher can be seen swatting at the mosquitoes so there is a path through the mosquitoes to breathe andContinue reading “The Art of Irrigating”

Does everyone know what time it is?

TOOL TIME! Ok, not quite, but I had to give a shout-out to that lovable and mishap-plagued Tim Allen. It’s irrigation time in Wyoming. We don’t usually get enough precipiation to irrigate row crops, so we use flood and pivot irrigation to bring on the green. My husband raises malt barley, corn, sugarbeets and pintoContinue reading “Does everyone know what time it is?”

Celebrate! We’re Not Hungry & Naked

Today is National Ag Day and we’re celebrating the industry that is responsible for providing the necessities of everyday life … food, fiber, clothing, fuel and countless other necessities. In other words ag makes sure we’re not hungry and naked! The National Ag Day program is committed to increasing public awareness about American agriculture. AsContinue reading “Celebrate! We’re Not Hungry & Naked”

Bleeping Pivot

I have been enjoying The Last American Cowboy on Animal Planet.  I especially like all of the bleeps used to cover up the “color” during the everyday ranch problems that seem to afflict us all. I am certainly not the last rancher around here and thankfully there is not a camera crew following me around. ThereContinue reading “Bleeping Pivot”

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