Another Slow Week for Tyler

It was another slow week here at the Ladder Ranch. Monday, we moved some cows around the pastures close to the ranch. I tried a new horse today and he was a really smooth ride. The only thing I didn’t like about him was that he was very spooky and jumped at almost everything.

Tuesday, I spent all day in a tractor either raking hay or baling. It was nice with the air conditioning and the radio blasting so no one could hear my singing. Wednesday there was more of the raking and baling. Thursday, we went to the Wyoming forest and moved some cows into a different pasture. My new horse did a lot better today.

Friday we went to the Colorado forest and moved cows. I used the big 17 hand horse I liked today because it was a longer day. Saturday we just spent the day taking down corrals and turning the poles into stays for fencing. Next week we have a lot of haying to do. The cows are pretty much where they are going to be for a while so we are going to take care of the hay.

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