This summer I was fortunate enough to bring my personal four year old gelding up to the E bar U for summer work. Through out the summer he has been my main saddle horse. From dragging calves, to making big circles and even taking cattle up the mountain, this horse has gained a vital experience that is critical in the making of a young ranch horse. Through out the summer the Kanes have put an emphasis on low stress stock handling and keeping cattle gentle.  This requires being able to read a cow and make your move before the cow does, this will eliminate having to run down any cows to make them turn back. Doing so will also train the cows overtime to be more conducive to being worked. Knowing when to move slow and when to move fast is very important in stock handling, having a horse that knows the difference can make that process very easy. Through out this summer, both my horse and I have gained very good experience in low stress stock handling.

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