Odd Jobs & Ends For Jedidiah

This week was full of small projects that ended up keeping us very busy. We did some corral repair and hung more joints of methane pipe where the old fence was in disrepair. I had to weld some of the pipes and I caught a small patch of cheatgrass on fire since it was so dry. We got a hose and sprayed the area around the fence to prevent any further hazards. We also had to set some new posts for a windbreak that was leaning badly. We also attacked the shop lean-to that was very disorganized. We hauled off Week 9 Pic 1several loads of junk and made the area very open and clean, not to mention organized. One of the skylights was broken in the barn, so Jeff and I went up in the tractor bucket to fix that. It went together very nicely and no one got hurt. Mr. Perry had me put fly-rubs out for the cows this week as well. I had never done that before, so it was a learning experience. I mixed the insecticide (10% Permethrin) with oil and dribbled the mixture on the rub. It seemed to take a long time and my arms got tired from holding the oil jug up. It will be interesting to see the results.

We finished up irrigating with the side rolls this week. However, I had to replace several birds before we were done because they either broke or weren’t distributing the water evenly. We were notified that one section of our gated pipe was leaking, so we went to repair it. As it turned out, one of the joints of gated pipe split clear down the entire length, so our trip to fix a little leak turned into a pipe replacement trip. We still have one pivot going for a little while yet. I prepared the swather last week, so we are ready to start 2nd cutting on Wednesday. Next week we will be moving cows, haying, and trying to dodge the forecasted thunderstorms.

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