Update From Jackalyn

Here is another update from Jackalyn!

This past week, I continued to cut hay.0729140823 (2) There are sickles that move back and forth on a bar that extends from the back end of the tractor. These sickles need to be changed about every 6-8 hours of use. I learned how to change these on my tractor by removing a bolt and sliding the sickles out. It sounds easier than it turned out but I was able to get them changed. After cutting hay all day, I had to maintenance my tractor by greasing components, filling 0729140821awith diesel fuel, and sharpening the old sickles at the end of the day. Sharpening sickles was pretty fun with the electric sanding tool. A few days it was raining pretty hard and I was unable to cut hay and fixed fences instead.

Thank you,

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