Jackalyn’s Past Week

Here is on update from Jackalyn on her past week at the Brokaw Ranch!

This past Monday, I fixed fences and learned how to cut hay. There are sickles that move back and forth on this bar that extends out from the tractor. I learned how to grease components on the tractor, sharpen the sickles, and float to cut hay. Sharpening the sickles was pretty fun with the electric sanding tool I used.

0725141028a (2)

On Tuesday, I moved cows out of a neighbor’s pasture, cleaned the house, and mowed the lawn.

On Wednesday, we had to fix the gasket on one of the tractors, as well as fix a crack…this did not go well and needed to be redone on Friday.

Thursday and Friday I cut hay and soon I will learn how to rake if the rain holds this next week.

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