Brittany’s Weeks 8 and 9

Week 8

Monday, Randy and I put mineral out for the cows in the Wyoming forest. In the process, we found that there were neighbors’ yearlings in one of the pastures that we would soon be utilizing. We came back up with horses and pushed the fifteen head back into their own allotment.

Tuesday, we rode in the Colorado forest and sorted some pairs from a neighbor’s allotment.

Wednesday, we moved cows from the bottom of Upper Big Gulch West to the top. On the way back to the house

Thursday, we rode up on the Colorado forest, up Box Creek, looking for cows staying close to the water. Luckily, we did not find any cows. After that, we sorted more cattle out of a neighbor’s allotment, whose fence was extremely poor, and moved the cows on Dudley creek farther up the mountain.

Friday, I mostly helped in the kitchen and then went for my first day off to the Cheyenne Frontier Days for Saturday.

Sunday, I returned from Cheyenne just in time to pick up bales out of one of the fields to finish off the week.

I hope you all have had a great summer so far!


Week 9

Hi everyone!

Monday, I went up the bottom of Upper Big Gulch West to push the cows off of the bottom of the draw but, luckily, the cows were already at the top. After I got back and had lunch, I went straight to raking.

Tuesday and Wednesday, I raked all day.

Thursday, a big group of us went to Green River to pick up posts and wire that Eamon had purchased. I didn’t realize until we pulled over on the side of the interstate that it was a fence that had been replaced by a company and we were to pick it up over the 8 or so miles. It was not a bad day, just very hot and a new experience.

Friday, we moved the cows in the Colorado forest up Dudley creek again.

Saturday, I raked all day.

Sunday, we moved all the cattle from Upper Big Gulch West to Buck Camp across Battle Creek. It took some time because, the cows were scattered and it got hot very quickly. The most important part of the day was to make sure that the cows didn’t stray into the field and tramp the hay.

Well, there is rain in the forecast here, which would be greatly appreciated on the forests, but we would all like to get more hay baled before that happens. Have a great week!


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