“…Wyoming ladies and Canadian gals…”- From RealFarmer Liz Lauck – Wheatland, Wyo.

It’s about 7 degrees right now, which based on recent temperatures, is downright warm.

I’ve been taking advantage of the frigid temps by staying inside and doing some office work. One of these projects was to organize the files on my computer. As I looked through 2013 photos, I ran across these images highlighting a visit from several Canadian producers.


Our friends, Brook Brockman with the Wyoming Department of Agriculture and Haley Lockwood from the Wyoming Stock Growers Association guided a tour in October 2013 for Jolene, Andrea and Erika of the Canadian Cattlemens Young Leaders, along with Pamela Rose of the Canadian Consulate in Denver.


The Wyoming ladies took the Canadian gals on a tour of several SE Wyoming ag operations including our small, family farm where my husband and I raise corn, dry beans and malt barley. We’re anything special, we just can’t say no when people ask us to do stuff.

I gave the gals a general overview of our farming operation. And by general, I mean the very little I actually know about our operation. I’m still a farm wife in training.


Then I took them down to the field where my Farmer Husband was combining corn. He gave them the real story. It was really cool to compare operations. The gals were from different parts of Canada, so we got some different perspectives of livestock production and farming from our neighbors to the north.


Pamela gave us some neat goodies that represent the trade partnership between the US and Canada. Included was a handout that gave specific statistics, including the fact that in 2011, $17 million worth of goods were traded between Wyoming and Canada. Visit this website to learn more. I also urge you to visit Erika’s ranch blog! The neat thing about agriculture is, even though our operations vary greatly from state to state and country to country, we all share a lot in common.

From RealFarmer Liz Lauck – Wheatland, Wyo.

Read more from Liz at www.farmpaparazzi.com

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