Bessey’s Equality

The saga of Bessey Stacy Badger, my great-grandmother’s mother, who homesteaded with her husband, Leland, is a story of equality. They homesteaded in eastern Wyoming in the late eighteen hundred’s. Wyoming was known as the “equality state,” a fortunate state for Bessey and Leland to choose to homestead.

RealRancher Ondi writes about Wyoming ranching history
Leland Badger's parents circa 1871

This is not a story about Leland.  Stories passed down abound of him being a ‘wonderlust’, as Robert Service would dub. I must portray lightly this character, Leland, to give you the entire fortune that equality in Wyoming brought for Bessey.

Read the full story on RealRancher Ondi Shepperson’s blog.

2 thoughts on “Bessey’s Equality

  1. Wow! It’s so interesting to hear the stories from ranching families that have been raising cattle in Wyoming for generations. Bessey was quite a person, definitely someone to emulate!

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