Snaring Coyotes

Coyotes are predators to other wildlife such as deer. They are also predators to our new born calves.

Last spring the coyotes were after our registered calves and just about killed one. Luckily my Grandma went up there and caught the coyotes, killing one, while the other ran off. If they kill our calves that can cost us $2,000 and up. That’s a pricey meal for those coyotes.

Livestock losses due to predators take a big bite out of a ranchers income. Photo from Kent Price.

They also kill baby deer and we’ve been trying to raise our deer population numbers. The coyotes are not helping. They are a bad predator to have.

So this fall and winter I decided to eliminate some coyotes by snaring them. Snares tie to a fence at the bottom at a hole where the coyotes crawl through. When the coyotes try to crawl through the hole they get caught. Then I kill the coyote, skin it and sell its pelt.

Trapping coyotes in Wyoming to reduce predator losses in cattle herd.

The snares trap coyotes crawling through the fence

Ranchers trap, kill and skin the coyote. The coyote hides are then sold.

I’m protecting our herd of cattle and the deer. I’m also making money selling their pelts.

Snaring is like a chore, you have to check the snares every other day. It’s an enjoyable learning experience.

From RealRancher Katie Keith – Casper, WY

One thought on “Snaring Coyotes

  1. Good job Katie! Coyotes can really be an effective predator on livestock, as you said, and not just baby deer, but also adult deer as well. Here in North Dakota, the coyotes have definitely taken a toll on our deer these past few brutal winters. It’s been an easy winter so far, but predators need managed just like any other game species. Snaring can be a good way to do that, plus with the cost of hides up at least a little bit this year, maybe you can put a little extra money in your pocket as well!

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