Elizabeth’s Christmas Eve Gift

It’s so hard to find good children’s books that are based in agriculture, but a new story from a real ranch wife is just that! We’re featuring it on www.realranchers.com today as another way to share agriculture stories with you.

Elizabeth’s Christmas Eve Gift follows the youngster as she performs her everyday ranch chores and discovers the true meaning of Christmas. This is a great story to share with your ag and non-ag friends alike.

Author Chesna Smith is a real ranch wife from New Mexico who lives on a ranch with her husband, Joel.  This is her first children’s book and is based on the life of Joel’s grandmother when she was growing up on a ranch in the 1920’s.


Elizabeth’s Christmas Eve Gift

By Chesna L. Smith

A 32 page, full color, hardbound book

Written, Illustrated, Printed & Bound in the U.S.A.!!!

Available at www.perkycowgirl.com or by calling (719) 859-1731

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