Ian has been busy to work in Lander, WY! He has been learning new skills while making friendships along the way. Here is his work summary from the week of June 5- 11. Enjoy! 

Week three already! This summer is flying by. The Allen’s run their upper ranch as a base-camp for the majority of the pack trips and guest visits throughout the summer.  Because the upper ranch is on a forest service allotment, they are required to certify all of the hay that is taken up there as weed free. For this reason we have continued to identify noxious weeds and selectively spray for them around the lower ranch in preparation for haying in a week or two.

I also got the chance to try out my new found horse packing skills when we took up some of our first resupply rations for the NOLS groups. The mountains here are amazing and packing up the steep trails and across the rivers is like nothing I’ve done before.

Branding was also this week so I got the chance to jump right in to my element and had a great time teaching some of the other wranglers how to wrestle calves. Jim also gave me several tips on how to become a better roper at the branding.

As most of the wranglers have now shown up we have begun working on our horsemanship skills both in riding and doing ground work with the many different horses. The Allen’s are excellent teachers and the horsemanship clinics they have been putting on have given me a whole new perspective.

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