Toes in the Water

At the beginning of this week Josiah was able to take a break and cool off during a short vacation with his sisters. His sisters came to visit and took Josiah to Sinks Canyon at the base of the Wind River Mountains near Lander, Wyoming where they went for a hike while having a good time. After breaking a sweat hiking the Canyon, they went to Popo Agie Falls and went swimming. The falls were freezing but the natural slide in the granite created a fun time to cool off.


After the fun beginning of the week Josiah had to go back to irrigating. All of the fields he is working on are getting a good amount of water and the alfalfa is growing well. A few struggles occurred this week. First when one of the elbow joints burst on an irrigation system and caused water to flow everywhere and then Josiah wore holes in the bottom of his irrigating boots. His feet might be getting a little wet, but the educational experiences throughout the summer have created many opportunities to get his “feet wet” while learning on the ranch.  Struggles occur every day on a ranch but these struggles create new lessons to learn from everyday which is one of the many reasons why ranchers and farmers are thankful for the jobs that they have.

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