2014 Summer Rangeland Interns

It is my great pleasure to introduce two of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association’s Rangeland Interns for this summer: Kylee Gibson and Jackalyn Kandle!


Kylee is currently a student at Northwest College and is majoring in Animal Science. She hopes to finish a graduate degree in this field and eventually to become a livestock veterinarian, or at least work with livestock in some way in her career. She is a livestock judge for her school, and has been actively involved with both 4H and FFA for most of her life. Kylee will be spending her summer internship at the Heart Mountain Ranch and Nature Conservancy north of Cody.


Jackalyn is a student at the University of Wyoming majoring in Rangeland Ecology and Watershed Management, along with a minor in Land Reclamation. With so many opportunities in Wyoming for these two fields, Jackalyn is looking forward to beginning the restoration of lands previously used for coal, oil, and gas mining. In the future she hopes to use her experience in finding better ways to manage disturbed forest lands. Jackalyn’s internship is at the Brokaw Ranch in Carbon County.

RealRanchers will be posting both Jackalyn’s and Kylee’s weekly updates and photos on what they have been doing at their internships. WSGA is proud to have such great interns and we look forward to hearing all about their experiences over the summer. Next week we will also be introducing another rangeland intern- Brittany Heseltine.

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