What are you up to this week, Ryler?

We have a total of four interns writing us this summer about their experiences on each operation who mentors them. As each operation is unique in how it runs, our interns will give us a rare view into the daily and weekly happenings.

Take a look below for another post from Ryler Lerwick who is working at Lerwick Hay Company!

“We have been mostly putting the finishing touches on the equipment that will be used for harvest this week. The wheat is beginning to look ripe and we are all anxious to get in the field! My priority will be keeping straw baled behind the combines but will probably end up running the combine some as well.”

Ryler sports John Deere proudly as he works for the Lerwick Hay Company


Ryler attends Laramie County Community College and plans to continue his education at the University of Wyoming the 2014 spring semester.  He is a pursing a Bachelor of Science in Ag Business.

2 thoughts on “What are you up to this week, Ryler?

  1. Ryler,the next post and picture you send wear your dirty greasy ball cap and tee shirt like you just crawled out from underneath that baler. Keep up the good work and have a good time!

  2. Great to see what these young ag interns are up to! I agree with Dave Whitman, if you don’t go through gallons of stain remover spray each summer, you’re doing something wrong. 🙂 That reminds me, if you put those greasy ball caps in the dishwasher, they come out pretty clean and maintain their shape better than in the washing machine. Happy farming! – Liz

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