Crepes for Cowboys

Baby chickens each spring ordered through the feed store are a fun project for the kids.

The feeding, watering and nurturing of the babies pays off once the grown hens begin laying.

This past season of babies is delivering a tremendous pay-load of layers, now nine months old.

The ten survivors plus three older hens provide one dozen of fresh eggs daily.

No family, unless housing the college rodeo team could consume that many eggs. Therefore, my smallest widget, being the less involved in extracurricular activities has become the proud owner and operator of Eggs Inc.; selling fresh eggs for $2.50 per dozen.

Our small town does not support such an enterprise, business is slow and inconsistent. We are always on the lookout for yummy egg dishes requiring as many eggs as possible.

There are only so many mornings that scrambled eggs are successful. Crepes, on the other hand, go down exceedingly well.

Crepes do take more time than scrambled eggs to prepare, thus make for a scrumptious weekend treat. To feed my crew, I often double this recipe.

Crepes for Cowboys

For the recipe, visit RealRancher Ondi Shepperson’s blog
Cooking for Cowboys

*EDITOR’S NOTE: The jam pictured here is from Raspberry deLight Farms in Shoshoni, Wyo. It is amazing and should be purchased in mass quantities.

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