Wyoming Farm to Plate

Liz Lauck Photo
Liz Lauck Photo

Promoting quality, local foods in schools, daycare facilities, institutions, restaurants and retail stores is the driving force behind the formation of the Wyoming Farm to Plate program. Wyoming Department of Agriculture (WDA) and its partnering agencies, Wyoming Department of Education, Wyoming Business Council, University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension, Wyoming Agriculture in the Classroom and local producers have united their efforts in fulfilling this task.

Since the formation of the Task Force in September 2012, the group has focused on the mission of providing a consistent and unified foundation for the Wyoming Farm to Plate Stakeholders.  Stakeholders of the program include producers, consumers, retailers, schools and all other parties interested in quality local foods.  The Task Force hopes to accomplish this mission by increasing statewide support for Wyoming Farm to Plate while improving communications between local Wyoming Farm to Plate Stakeholders. Along with this, the group will focus on promoting local, quality and nutritious foods by supporting local producers and rural economics.

After  mapping the foundation for growth of the Farm to Plate program, the Task Force has began some outreach efforts by establishing a Farm to School website on the WDE site, started a Facebook page and developed several resource materials for both purchasers and producers to utilize. All resources are on the website.

The Wyoming Farm to Plate Facebook page features upcoming events, photos and success stories from purchasers and producers already buying and selling local goods.

In addition to launching the Internet sites, Wyoming Department of Agriculture is hosting a Statewide Wyoming Farm to School Webinar/Workshop on Friday, February 15, 2013.  The workshop will be hosted in Cheyenne with a live video feed via webcam. Participants will be able to interact with the Cheyenne presenters from the comfort of their home or office.


We are very excited about the formation of the Task Force and the joint opportunity to promote the buying and selling of local goods within the state.  It provides a great opportunity for producers to expand by utilizing niche markets, and offers purchasers and consumers more opportunities to purchase and consume local, quality and nutritious goods!

From RealPartner Brook Brockman – Wyoming Department of Agriculture

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