It runs in the family…

If you’ve spent much time around rural friends and relations, you’ve probably heard the overly romanticized term “family-run.”

Personally, the realist in me prefers it this way, “Family,  RUN!”

Between the family that lives there and the family that visits, on our farm there’s plenty of family to go around.  Mom had an interesting observation.  She says when family members express their selfless desire to “help out,” they really mean outside tasks only please.

The sink remains full of dishes, the mudroom boasts enough topsoil to raise a bumper crop, and the bumper crop of kin gives more thought to what they might find on their next trip to the dinner table than to how it got there.

They did manage to “help” this new mother though…

Poor lady, (the cow that is.)

Well, and Mom too.

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