#RangelandWednesday: Rain Delay

This was a usual week. On Monday and Tuesday, I resprayed fields and pastures that Larry and I sprayed at the beginning of my internship in Buffalo. Wednesday and Thursday brought stormy weather, which conflicted with our respraying schedule because it added three inches of water to Clear Creek. In order to respray the lastContinue reading “#RangelandWednesday: Rain Delay”

#RangelandWednesday: On the Lookout

The week started off as a regular week. I re-sprayed a couple fields in front of the pastures, so that Larry and I can start planning for the back pastures. This is how Monday and Tuesday went. On Wednesday, Larry and I went to the back four pastures and started to scope out what sprayingContinue reading “#RangelandWednesday: On the Lookout”

#RangelandWednesday: The Lay of the Land

This week was a slow week. On June 15, the weather was calm all day and the wind did not pick up at all, so I was able to finish up several fields and eventually start on the last riparian area. On June 16, the weather consisted of high winds and dark cloudy skies, whichContinue reading “#RangelandWednesday: The Lay of the Land”

Fight for the Drive

The Old West is revitalized each year when the historic cattle drive known as the Upper Green River Drift makes its way through western Wyoming. Cowboys mounted horseback drive thousands of head of cattle along the path, just as they have done for 124 years. Right now, outside forces are threatening this longstanding western tradition.Continue reading “Fight for the Drive”

#RangelandWednesday: The Way to Spray

This week was more of a straightforward and normal week.  Since Larry and I started spraying last week, we have sprayed six fields, two pastures and eight riparian areas; mostly for leafy spurge and Russian thistle. Between June 1 and June 6, we sprayed unless the wind picked up to over 15 miles per hour,Continue reading “#RangelandWednesday: The Way to Spray”

#RangelandWednesday: Zane’s Second Week in Buffalo

My second week started on May 26, following the Vignaroli’s camping trip. On Tuesday, Larry and I began clearing more debris from fence on the south side of the property, then fixed the fence to be sturdier and better prepared for when the river floods again. This took most of the day, but near theContinue reading “#RangelandWednesday: Zane’s Second Week in Buffalo”

2020 WSGA Communications Intern: Madison Pollart

Hi there! My name is Madison Pollart and I am very excited to be the communications intern for the Wyoming Stock Growers Association this summer! I hail from Snyder, Colorado, where I was raised on my family’s small cow/calf operation. I am a graduate of Prairie High School in New Raymer, Colorado, where I wasContinue reading “2020 WSGA Communications Intern: Madison Pollart”

2020 Rangeland Intern: Zane Schneider

Hi, my name is Zane Schneider and I am WSGA’s rangeland intern for the summer. I am a senior at the University of Wyoming majoring in energy systems sciences, with a concurrent major in energy in natural resources. I also have a minor in geology, with a concentration in GIS mapping systems. I grew upContinue reading “2020 Rangeland Intern: Zane Schneider”

Jedidiah’s Week 7 Report at the Ladder Ranch

It’s hard to believe that a week has already flown by at the Ladder Ranch! We started out the week by trailing some more cattle to the forest. Most of them went okay, but there were a few that decided to take to the brush! After a lot of hard riding, I just had toContinue reading “Jedidiah’s Week 7 Report at the Ladder Ranch”

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