Aidan – Week 3

This week was very interesting, and I learned a lot. We started off the week by moving bulls and putting them in with cows. Then on Wednesday Nate, Molly and I drive down to the Wyoming Stock Growers convention. I stayed at the convention until Friday. Throughout the convention I went to many different committee hearings and speakers. I have to say my favorite speaker was on finding the perfect steak. I thought the speaker was good, and the topic was interesting. Furthermore, I went to committee meetings on Brands, as well as livestock health. I have to say I did not fully understand the brand talk. But I found the livestock health very interesting.  Also, I got to listen to senator Barrasso speak, as well as Governor Matt Meade. Listening to all of the potential governors was very cool and thought provoking. I think there are a few great candidates and I am interested to see who Wyoming chooses.  I then learned how to fix fence yesterday. All in all I would say it was a very educational week, one of which I really enjoyed.

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