Forest Fun

Rangeland Intern Tyler Flatt has had the opportunity to help with ranching duties in not one, but two states this summer. The Ladder Ranch crosses into Colorado, and Tyler got to work both sides of the border this last week. 

This week at the Ladder Ranch has been just a normal week. Monday, we went to the Colorado forest and pushed some cows back up that were starting to come down. We put out some mineral out of hope that they would stay in the higher elevation. Tuesday, I spent most of the day putting up hay from the upper meadow. I’ve gotten pretty good at stacking bales since I’ve been here.

Wednesday, we went to the Wyoming forest to ride through the pairs and see if anything needed to be doctored. We had a few calves and two bulls that had foot rot, so we doctored them up and went along our way. Thursday, I put up some more hay then raked a new pasture that had been cut. Friday, I baled that same pasture that I raked and put that hay up.  Saturday, we rode through upper big gulch looking for a bull that needed to be doctored. We didn’t find him but we found a few cows that needed to be moved as well as some bull that were with the heifers that needed to be separated. It’s hard to believe that next week is my last week. I’m excited to see what next week has to offer.

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