This week was definitely a cooker! We have been struggling to manage working all day in the heat and still have energy and motivation. I worked all day on Monday on a short piece of fence in the corral that was patched together with panels. I re-set the posts because they were badly leaning and we hung methane pipe on with lag screws and metal clips. It was very nice to have two people to put the pipes up because the spans were about 29’ and VERY heavy.

We moved cows on Tuesday to a different pasture and I got to try out my newly made bull whip. It worked pretty well. We worked the rest of the day on gated pipe and electric fence. On Wednesday, we helped Mr. Perry’s brother clean out his garage and hauled some telephone poles home that Mr. Perry had purchased from him. I was also able to go to the Sheridan Wyo Rodeo that evening.

Thursday and Friday were spent cleaning up around the shop and doing some general repairs. I rebuilt a retaining wall out of railroad ties that was falling down and cleaned up a lot of junk around it that was buried in the weeds. It looked a lot nicer when I was done! The irrigating has been going good for the most part. I went through both side rolls, cleaning and replacing birds that were defective. The new pivot has been doing it’s job quite nicely, except for the times when it gets stuck. The alfalfa is doing well in the heat, as long as it has water on it. Next week we will probably prep the haying equipment for the second cutting.

Week 8 Pic 3Week 8 Pic 2Week 8 Pic 4

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