The Time is here Once Again to catch up with our Rangeland Intern, Josiah!

Waking up in week three with “a million dollar view” right outside Josiah’s window reminds him daily of the wonderful opportunity to be interning at the Red Canyon Ranch. Josiah was excited to report that he finished the very long fencing project this week and what a rewarding feeling to have accomplished such a big task. Working on the ranch has given Josiah a new prospective on agriculture and he realizes that working on a ranch takes a lot of dedication. Josiah also expresses his appreciation for the ranching lifestyle by stating, “Farmers and Ranchers are to be respected above anybody for the level of dedication they show every day”. Between the large and little projects, hard work and finished tasks are the most satisfying feeling at the end of the day for Josiah.

As week three wrapped up it is a good thing Josiah finished his fencing project because in week four he went to help mentor young adults at FFA camp. Even though FFA camp is not part of his summer internship, Josiah has been attending the camp for the last six years. FFA camp “promotes agriculture and instills a passion in young adults for agriculture” he explained. Have been a counselor for the last two years, Josiah has had the opportunity to help teach leadership workshops, public speaking workshops and activities that promote ways to become an outstanding individual. FFA camp can make a major impact on those who go and he claims that FFA camp “is simply life changing and is making huge impacts on the future of agriculture”.

Way to go Josiah! We are proud of your hard work and dedication to the agriculture industry!

Keep an eye Josiah’s weekly updates, to read about his next adventure this summer.

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