Wyoming FFA Advocacy Week – How do you AGvocate for agriculture?

National FFA Emblem
National FFA Emblem

Wyoming’s youth are known for their character, hard-working ethics as well as passion. The Wyoming FFA members are working to show that passion this week through #VoicesForAg. January 26 through February 1, 2015, Wyoming Agriculture Advocacy Week will focus on encouraging FFA members to be the voice of agriculture and engage their local communities in discussion about where their food comes from and how agriculture contributes to Wyoming’s economy and culture. The Wyoming communities and FFA parents, advisers and supporters want our members to grow up to be AGvocates and be a voice for agriculture. To find more information please follow this link: http://www.wyomingffa.org/advocacy_week.asp

RealRancher.com is also asking for your help! If you use social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media platform, please use the hash tag #VoicesForAg to spread the word that we are a united voice for agriculture.

Feel free to send any photos with descriptions to Haley Lockwood at haley@wysga.org and your photo will be used for this great cause!


2 thoughts on “Wyoming FFA Advocacy Week – How do you AGvocate for agriculture?

  1. I really appreciate this movement. Here is what I have been doing. I started a podcast devoted to agriculture. One of the main goals is to provide FFA students with a resource to assist them with developing business ideas for their SAE’s. Hopefully this will help a student or two out there that wants to contribute to agriculture but does not have a farm or ranch to go home to. #VoicesForAg

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