What’s Crack-alyn Jackalyn?

Here is an update from Jackalyn on her last week!

This past week for the 9th- 13th I fed and watered the pigs and steers and a cow that won’t get up after giving birth almost 2 weeks ago. On Monday, we separated some of the cows/calves and I taught a helper who is 13 how to move cows. Together we moved the pregnant cows from the barn to the corral almost 5 miles away. We picked up an old fence, and put boards in the canal to divert the water faster (I was soaked). j3

On Tuesday, we did some yard work on my boss’s mother Audrey’s yard, we mowed and pulled weeds. We also did more yard work on Friday. We then cleaned up around my boss’s house, filled in holes and mowed.
All day Wednesday, we put up an electric fence in the AI patch so the cows and calves won’t try and cross this area of trees/beaver ponds to get out when AI-ing takes place in a few weeks.

On Thursday, we did some more work around Audrey’s house and cut down some Aspens and attempted to pull out a sewer tank that no longer works. We also moved some hay from the show barn to another barn and fixed fences for the rest of the afternoon. This concludes my week.

Jackalyn Kandle

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