Making Hay while the Sun Shines: More tails from our Interns

Intern: Ryler Lerwick

Farm: Lerwick Hay Company

Ryler attends Laramie County Community College and plans to continue his education at the University of Wyoming the 2014 spring semester.  He is a pursing a Bachelor of Science in Ag Business.

This week things really began to pick up! Finished all the harvesting this Saturday and have put about three thousand straw bales through the baler! Lots of fun for me and a big 95 total hours! This was the week I had been waiting all summer for… now bring on more good moisture!

….more from Ryler, so stay tuned!


This week we finished up the straw baling on Monday and began swathing some grass (CRP) hay. This year Laramie county was assessed early on as an “emergency” year due to dry conditions so we had the opportunity to hay some acreage. We set up the combine to swath with (doesn’t run the harvester part) so we put two 30 foot windrows together and are more efficient with our trips over the field with the rake and baler by taking in 60 foot at a time! Haying is a lot of fun for me.

One thought on “Making Hay while the Sun Shines: More tails from our Interns

  1. Congratulations Ryler! I actually go to school with him. I had no idea he’d been so busy! How neat! Keep up the good work!

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