Ryler’s trial with Mother Nature: “…haven’t been back to the field since.”

Intern: Ryler Lerwick
Farm: Lerwick Hay Company

Ryler attends Laramie County Community College and plans to continue his education at the University of Wyoming the 2014 spring semester. He is a pursing a Bachelor of Science in Ag Business.

 “This week has some good points and some not so good points (as do all weeks in this business I suppose). We got some wheat cut out finally! It was fun to get in the field and harvest the crop that has been expected for ten months now. The not so good news is we got a lot of showers mid way through the week mixed with a little hail so consequently we haven’t been back to the field since.

I am interning with my uncle, but my family has farming roots in this part of Wyoming for over 100 years. In order to work with the land for this long, farmers and ranchers have to be responsible land stewards. I’ll try to get some pictures of conservation projects we have taken on in the past year that explain some of our conservation efforts.”


Note: With the new intern program that has started this summer we have a “stock pile” of intern stories and will post every Tuesday and Thursday with a new story of the interns experiences. While these stories aren’t from the current week, they are from this summer. With all the interns and stories we have there will be posts going into the fall! So stay tuned for more!!

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