Visiting an Oil and Gas Drilling Rig Control Room

As you will recall, I toured an oil and gas drilling rig in the Jonah Field last fall. Encana representative Bob Myhre guided my tour group through the control room of rig #129 in the Jonah Field during the tour, which was hosted by Encana Oil and Gas, USA.

Here is some video I took while I was on the drilling rig:

In parts of the video it is hard to hear what’s being said, so my intent is for you to enjoy the sights from inside and outside the control room. To learn more about my tour of the drilling rig, read my first post.

As I look back through the photos, videos and notes I took during this tour of the 20,000 acre Jonah Field outside of Pinedale, Wyo., I’m amazed all over again by the technology used to produce these vital energy sources. I’m also amazed by the people who are proud to work so hard to keep the US and the world running!

From RealPartner Liz Lauck, Wyoming Stock Growers Association

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