Giving Cows a Bath

SUUUMMMMER TIMMMEEEE is here!! It’s getting warm outside and it’s time to start bathing and giving haircuts to my show cows!

RealRancher Katie Keith discusses the importance of preparing her cows for the show ring

Bathing cows in the summer and spring is good for their hair and is also cooling to them so they eat and feel better. It also gentles them. Giving them haircuts makes there appearance look better and cleaner. They don’t look so raggy after a nice, clean haircut!

RealRancher Katie Keith discusses preparing her cattle for the show ring. Her cattle are tied to the trailer as she gives them a bath and a haircut.

It is also good experience for me so I’ll be ready for shows and fairs. That way my clipping will look nice, clean and give that cow a good appearance.

RealRancher Katie Keith shows off her handy work with getting a cow ready for the show ring.

In the spring is when I also start taking them to smaller shows and jackpot shows.

RealRancher Katie Keith sets up her cattle in the show ring.

Jackpot and small shows are good experience for both me and the cows to be prepared for fairs, state fairs and big shows. That way they’ll be calm in the show ring and I can show better!

RealRancher Katie Keith shows her cattle in the show ring.

We have a big year ahead of us!

From RealRancher Katie Keith – Casper, WY

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