Super Cow

We had a purebred angus cow that wasn’t holding still long enough for her calf to eat.  Confining her in the corral gave her calf a chance to finally get his dinner. By the next day the old gal felt like she had things in hand and was determined to leave as soon as possible.

Her exit strategy? She made a high jump right over the corral fence, a six foot pole vault, previously unscaled.

Though she came through without a scratch she did manage to break the top most pole on her way out.  I tried to get her to go back the way she’d come but she would have none of that so I put her into another area that I felt would keep her corralled.

She immediately jumped that fence too without any damage at all to the poles. However, she left her calf behind and while I worked to get him to the gate, she decided  to come right back in, knocking down another pole in her unsuccessful attempt to get to her calf.

When I was finally able to get the pair into a nearby pasture I knew that “Super Cow” was a most suitable name for this belligerent bovine, a moniker to be forever remembered in the Price Ranch annals.

From RealRancher DeeAnn Price – Daniel, Wyo.

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