Aidan Downey gets first taste of ranching lifestyle with the Kane’s

This was my first week ever spending any extended period of time on a ranch in my life, and I have to say, although it is a lot of hard work, it was also extremely interesting and enjoyable. The first day we jumped right into it and went on my very first cattle drive. Having not ridden a horse in a year, I was definitely nervous. However, everything went well and the Kane’s were very helpful and explicit about what I need to do and everything went off without a hitch. Having the first all day cattle drive under my belt, I was not as worried about the second one the following morning, especially since these were not two-year-old heifers and somewhat cooperated. Throughout the week I learned the ins and outs of the ranch and have an idea on some of the names they use for places. I have also learned a lot about farming and planting seed and working the soil with a land planer. This first week has been an overload of information, however that being said, every bit of information that I have gained has been extremely useful and valuable. Furthermore, the E-U ranch is in one of the most beautiful places I have been to. It does not have steep snowy mountains and high alpine lakes, but it has rolling green hills where the antelope roam and the deer play. It seems as if I could be in Ireland with the green grass and stark beauty, as well  a the stunning sunsets.

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